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AVA® Novalis® Indoor Advantage Gold Certificate

Indoor Advantage Gold certificate

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Indoor Advantage Gold certificate

AVA® Novalis® Glue Down GREENGUARD Gold Certification

Indoor Advantage Gold certificate

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Cure the summertime availability blues & roll out some sheet-vinyl variety with AVA VEXX, with 3 organic patterns & 19 total colors. Call your AVA rep & keep your installations rolling! #SpartanSurfaces #Trinitysurfaces #S2FL #D9Flooring #Modern_Surfaces

Hard to believe we’re part way through summer, but AVA installations keep rolling along with popular wood tones of AVA REVV Sheet Vinyl. Call your AVA rep and let us help you meet those hot schedules all summer! #SpartanSurfaces #Trinitysurfaces #S2FL #D9Flooring #Modern_Surfaces

Another day, another beautiful display of AVA summer color. Take in majestic hues, then still have time to order samples at until midnight ET for morning delivery. #SpartanSurfaces #Trinitysurfaces #S2FL #D9Flooring #Modern_Surfaces

It’s true: when it comes to one of the best color selections in all of LVT, the grass really is greener with AVA 2SPRK. #CallyourAVArep for more info or get samples at #SpartanSurfaces #Trinitysurfaces #S2FL #D9Flooring #Modern_Surfaces

LVT color selections are a day at the beach with the wide offering of AVA 2SPRK! 38 colors in all to make your next design inspiration a breeze. Be sure to get all your AVA samples at #SpartanSurfaces #Trinitysurfaces #S2FL #D9Flooring #Modern_Surfaces

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